Month: August 2016


By Dan Lazich / August 27, 2016 /

For millennia, humans considered the earth to be flat. This view was based on local observation. Wherever one would stand on the surface of the land the Earth would appear as a circular plane. Humans did not have the means to look beyond the local horizon. The sky above emerged as a canopy tied to…

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Earth Then and Now (4)

By Dan Lazich / August 20, 2016 /

An asteroid-Earth collision shattered the Earth’s crust, similar to breaking of an eggshell when dropped. The breakup of the Earth’s crust released water from within the Earth’s crust. The force of the asteroid’s impact combined with water pressure propelled the water high into Earth’s atmosphere which then, under the influence of gravity, fell in the…

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Earth Then and Now (3)

By Dan Lazich / August 13, 2016 /

The present condition of planet Earth supports the real possibility that Earth has in its past experienced violent cataclysm. The unique characteristic of the northern half of the Pacific Ocean’s basin supports the probability that an asteroid impacted the Earth. The impact may have occurred, and it probably did, in time of the biblical flood.…

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Earth Then and Now (2)

By Dan Lazich / August 6, 2016 /

Our knowledge about the formation and function of celestial bodies is in its infancy. Numerous studies are ongoing, human knowledge about our universe is increasing. Nevertheless, based on what we do know, so far, leads us to a conclusion that planet Earth, and other bodies in our solar system, were formed out of the planetary…

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