Christ in the Old Covenant Scriptures (2)

The creation narrative.

The next few blogs will address the creation narrative, to identify the message about God and His plans for the humankind. It is a narrative with some tradition included; it did not come through revelation. The ensuing blogs will not present an exhaustive analysis and dissection of words, terms, the chronology of creation, and will not insist on the mechanics of creation. Why? Because, the creation narrative, as presented in the Genesis, does not provide sufficient detail to enable a fruitful and exhaustive analysis and dialog. Also, Man, the humankind, was created on the 6th day, the conclusion of creation; therefore, we are not able to process information about events which originated before our history begun. The Genesis account or a narrative as the Jewish experts call it, of the creation of this world has a significant affinity with the ancient epic of creation, the Enuma Elish. The Enuma Elish gives somewhat more detail, but it refers to many gods among which one god gained supremacy and created the world. The biblical Genesis account, in contrast, maintains that the One and the Only God, whom the Jews worship, created everything by His Word, and by His unique power, beyond our understanding.

The Genesis account of creation relied on the world-view that the Earth was the only planet outside heaven. Therefore, it held-down heaven, which was attached to the four corners of the Earth. The authors and the redactors of the Genesis account believed that all activity by God and heavenly beings was directed at the Earth because it was the only populated place outside heaven. They, accordingly, employed the anthropomorphism when describing God, His creative work, and His interaction with the humankind. They could not have known the true nature of the universe where we live. They did not know about the universe we observe today. This world view, however, does not negatively reflect on them. Their knowledge and the means of acquiring it were limited.

Today, however, and especially within the last 30 to 40 years, our knowledge of the universe has expanded exponentially. The current world-view enabled by the quantum physics and quantum cosmology could neither be compared to nor reconciled with the world-view held by the authors of the Genesis account of creation. The six-day creation, however, is not disputable, but the mechanics involved presents logical difficulty today. Accordingly, here in these blogs, only the theological inferences concerning God the Creator will be given.

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