The earth-shaking emerging cosmology.

The clockwork universe comforted theologians in their sorrow because the emerging cosmology overthrew humanity as the crowning center of it all. Accordingly, some theologians found a way of exploiting the emerging cosmology in their favor. However, their consolation did not last long. The classical philosophy introduced an impediment to the clockwork’s universe. Philosophers interpreted the emerging cosmology in a way that robed the emerging theology of beauty and order. Philosophers maintained that the human mind and matter in our universe were separate but coexistent realities. This assertion is known as Cartesian Dualism. However, the emerging cosmology demonstrated that Cartesian Dualism is incorrect. This assertion will be explained later in this series of blogs.

An unfortunate product of Cartesian Dualism is the teaching that there are two worlds. One world is the visible everyday world. The other is the spooky world of spirits. The division of reality into two worlds is an unfortunate one and is incorrect. The assertion of two worlds energized the superstitions, especially so in less advanced societies. People began to see and notice unexplained apparitions that occurred at night primarily. People would go out of their way to avoid cemeteries at night. Even during the daytime, people avoided lingering near a cemetery. Cemeteries were a place where the spirits resided, they thought.

Theologians, rightfully so, rejected Cartesian Dualism. However, theologians did not offer a clearer understanding of God the Creator. They rejected reason as a means of learning about God the Creator. Theologians concluded that people could know God only by divine revelation. Such assertion caused confusion concerning God the Creator and God the Savior as well. The creation no longer revealed the glory of God. The reason for such a conclusion was that the sin-impacted nature could not display the true glory of God, people thought. Employing a local worldview, some theologians maintained that a less appealing local nature is a work of Satan. However, because theologians and scientists did not know that the universe we observe today existed, they could not conclude otherwise. While the earth exhibits the consequences of sin, the universe does not.

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