Creation from Nothing

What do we mean by “creation from nothing”? The universe of space=time, our universe, was created from nothing. The matter, the biological and the intelligent life in it are created from something, technically speaking. Creation of our universe was the creation of space-time. We do not now, and we could not know which came first; space or time. It is absolutely impossible, given the current knowledge and capability possessed by humans to arrive at zero time, (t=0) mathematically. The law of physics forbids the humankind to physically go back in time. The best we could do is to mathematically go back to t=1 X 10-43 seconds. Research indicates that at t=1 X 10-43 seconds the entire universe of space-time exists, not just parts of it. How did our universe arrive at this point in time could not be determined by means humans possess today? There are no known particles of matter that mediate the space-time. The general theory of relativity, a classical theory, describes the geometry of space, not time. However, this could not be verified by experiment and observation.

The current achievements of the search for gravitational waves could eventually shed some light concerning the nature of space-time. For now, at least, the “creation from nothing” means that the beginning space-time universe was in the region about which the humankind could not possibly know anything. The recent theoretical research nevertheless indicates that there exists a possibility that our universe is “by creation from nothing”.

Professor Alan Guth, currently at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, worked on possible resolution of difficulty associated with the original “Big Bang” theory. He merged, mathematically, the research advances associated with the “Grand Unified Theory” and the classical “Big Bang” and thus developed the “Inflationary Universe Theory”; which is currently leading theory concerning the beginning of our universe. The conclusion of this approach is the possibility that our universe is by creation from nothing.

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