Display of Self-Surrender

Quantum entanglement is the mysterious quantum bond that “intertwines the fate of particles” of matter. For example, two identical photons are fully aware of one another’s existence and their state regardless of the distance that separates them. Results of recent experiments, as reported on December 3, 2015, Nature, and January 9, 2016, Science News, indicate that in case of multiple particles’ entanglement “each particle sacrifices its individuality to become part of an entangled umbrella state.” The particle’s sacrifice of individuality to the common interest of quantum entangled society of particles is not coerced, but voluntary. The entangled particles do not have a physical influence on each other. We could say that this behavior of quantum particles of matter is entirely optional.

Study of the anthropic quality of our universe implies that selfless love is the foundation of our universe. Successful exploration of our universe by humans should be done with unselfish interests and goals and for the benefit of all humanity and the universe alike. The entanglement of multiple particles of matter implies that each member of the inhabitants of our universe must surrender selfish personal desires and interests in favor of the benefits and goals of the entire human race.

The universal principle of selfless love requires such behavior for a successful eternity. Christians, who have surrendered their self, are must, according to the above principle, to demonstrate readiness and willingness to give up one’s “I” in the interest of universal “WE.”  This is what Jesus meant by saying that we must “take up our cross and follow Him.” We must follow Him to Golgotha, and there be crucified to self so that Christ can live in us. What do you think?

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