It is no secret that physicists today have been brought, by implications of their theories, face-to-face with God. Questions about God would not go out of the mind of serious scientists. Questions such as; “Is the universe the product of fortuitous events? Alternatively, “Is it possible that the universe is by creation from nothing?” Some serious scientists are admitting that it is at least possible that the universe is by creation.

The primary cause for the change in the scientific view of the mostly inexplicable nature of the subatomic world. Particles that obey the quantum law possess dual nature. They present themselves either as a particle or as a wave. A more familiar of these particles are the electron and the photon. 

The little-understood, but a well-documented aspect of quantum physics known as the “Heisenberg uncertainty principle,” governs the behavior of these particles.  Simply stated, this principle postulates that it is impossible to predict where and what will a given subatomic particle be at any a time. The conclusion is that an experimenter can, in some sense, influence how an electron will behave, and how an electron shall have behaved in the past. , However, an experimenter can bring into a concrete reality only a single property of an electron but not the electron itself. Who then brings the electron itself into concrete reality? The answer to this question necessitates a postulate of a “Final Observer” – the Creator!

In June 1998, the world’s leading experts in the field of quantum cosmology and quantum physics attended a conference whose subject was “conflict and convergence between science and religion.” The question that attracted considerable attention among participants was; “Is there enough evidence in the universe to warrant belief in God?” The answer to this question was a unanimous YES. The universe in which we, as an intelligent observer, live could not exist at all without the existence of the “Final Observer”; the “Absolute Intelligence”; God – the Creator.

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