Jesus in Revelation (2)

How should we read the book of Revelation?

The message in the book of Revelation is clear. The entire book presents Jesus as the key figure, not some influential individual, not the Antichrist, not Satan. The only hero in the book of Revelation is Jesus Christ. However, a sincere reader of Revelation must avoid the temptation to concentrate his attention on the nature and possible meaning of the symbols and images. The book of Revelation presents Jesus relative to the conflict between the good and the evil. Accordingly, symbols and imagery used, with associated metaphors, provide contrast between what God is doing on behalf of humankind and what Satan is doing in efforts to disrupt God’s plans for the helpless and sinful humanity. The metaphor in the book of the Revelation serves to contrast good and evil in a more vivid, stunning, and noticeable way. Therefore, concentration on the various symbols and images to decipher their meaning distracts the reader from the main subject, Jesus Christ.

Understanding who Jesus is and why He is the Christ was becoming lost in the first century of the Christian era. Therefore, Jesus reinstates the picture of Him throughout the conflict between the good and the evil. Thus, the readers of the book of Revelation should consider: First, John did not write the book in historically chronological order. Two, he did not write it in the sequence in which the vision appeared. He concentrated on what attracted his attention the most. The entire Revelation of Jesus appeared to John in a single day and a single picture. John wanted to know where Jesus is and what was He doing. Accordingly, he concentrated first on the parts of the vision that presented Jesus in the center. He received the entire Revelation on the day he was in the spirit but wrote it down sometimes after he observed it. The key focus of the vision is to present Jesus and Satan as the only participants engaged in the conflict. In support, the book depicts human agencies that have and are assisting Satan in his effort to frustrate God’s plan for humankind. To this end, the book of Revelation shows clearly, in a comprehensive presentation, the true nature of the Messiah, and why He had to come.

What kind of Jesus do we find in John’s letter to the Churches? We see Jesus, who is the full and final unveiling of God to sinful humankind. John 17:6. Jesus is neither an addition to the previous announcement of God to humanity nor is He just one of the events in the history of the battle between good and evil. The birth, life, and death, of Jesus Christ is the only relevant and essential message in the entire Bible. The book of Revelation speaks to us about Jesus, who is above and superior to all and the reality of everything the Old Covenant people ever heard about God. The message from Jesus, in Revelation, encourages the yielded believers not to be apprehensive concerning the future. Jesus will, in just the right time, return to the earth, and bring with Him unimaginable reward for their loyalty and faithfulness. Revelation 1:7.

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