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Why humankind needed a Savior, continued?

The last blog presented humankind as a single order of intelligence, or spirit, and made in God’s image. What does it mean, ‘in God’s image’? In addition to the human spirit being given by God, not created, humankind displayed selfless love in the same manner as God. The human spirit, as given to Adam, was good, which means it did not sin. Genesis 1:31. The Holy Spirit was in Adam because he, as a representative of humankind, was sinless. The love of Adam radiated outward only, never toward self. The holy nature of God has been visibly demonstrated in the first human pair. However, the spirit God gave Adam sinned by disobeying a command that God gave him. The sinful spirit subjected the human body and the soul to the consequences of sin. When the human spirit processes information using the brain, he then commands the body according to the spirit’s decision. The result is an action that involves the feelings, most of the time. Human feelings are human chemistry in the display. Therefore, the human soul is a result of the spirit acting on the body.

Regardless of the display, it is a human spirit that generates thoughts and commands the body’s actions. The human spirit generates thoughts even when there is no display in the body. The intelligent processing of information by the human spirit conforms to the God-ordained rule of logic or intelligence law. God is Spirit. The human spirit He gave Adam is a part of Him. John 4:24. God is the absolute Spirit; therefore, He can assume the likeness of any created intelligence, including the physical appearance. The Absolute Being can assume the form of all of the created intelligence at the same time. He loses nothing. However, we are not correct when we conclude that God has the body. God is Spirit!

The deliberate, intelligent decision by the human spirit given to the first-man Adam could only result in two states. A correct decision would make the human spirit perfect. (This fact has been demonstrated by Jesus in the desert. Hebrews 2:10, 18.)  A wrong intelligent decision by the first-man Adam makes the entire humankind a sinner by nature. Because the human spirit at creation was good, the Holy Spirit resided in the first human pair, signifying they belong to God. In Adam, God put the Holy Spirit in humankind to guide it as it learns about God the Creator and assists it in being correct administrators of God’s property, our universe, and the planet earth in it.

God is love. Therefore, the humanity He created did reflect God’s love. “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:8. The “God is love” means God is selfless love. Because the first human pair before the fall did not look at self; their love radiated outward only, the glory of God surrounded them. Therefore, they did not see they were naked. Genesis 3:7, 10 – 11. The attitude and the way of thinking by the first human pair were the same as that of God. God expects the same today of every converted person. Unfortunately, we all fail short in it often.

What went wrong? Read the next blog.

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