Jesus in Revelation (51)

 The seventh kingdom continued.

The last blog reiterated that Jesus gave us a time-frame of His return but not the day and the hour. Jesus stated that the end would come when “this gospel of the kingdom is preached in all the world.” Mathew 24:14. Apostle Paul stated that “While people are saying, peace and safety, destruction will come.” 1 Thessalonians 5:3. These two future events must form a foundation for study and all conclusions concerning the book of Revelation’s end-time applicability. The readers of the book of Revelation should be very mindful of how they apply the imagery found in Revelation to the end-time events. The current-day and mostly local events will, if concentrated on, confuse the mind of the readers of the book of Revelation. Therefore, it is very important and critical how we approach the books of Revelation and Daniel. It is of the greatest importance that we study Revelation and Daniel’s prophecy with an open mind, free from personal bias and influence by the current-day popular interpretations, theories, and teachings.

The concept of the system, which is ongoing, originated in sixteenth-century Europe. This system is the appearance of the “beast out of the sea.” However, the original intent is global, not only in the Mediterranean, Asia Minor, and Euphrates region. Information that this author will provide in these blogs is not a personal opinion and conclusion. When it becomes appropriate for a personal view or a conclusion by this author, this author will state so. What follows from here on is what the author of these blogs has been told while still engaged in professional activity in service to his country. The author of these blogs cannot speak of specific sources, whether public or otherwise. Exercise of caution is personally prudent.

The beginning of the implementation of the “One World” concept.

A measure of prudent caution is in order in this matter. No one knows, at this time, when precisely the seventh kingdom, the global system, will be fully in place and running. However, we know with comfortable certainty that the formation of the global system, the seventh kingdom, is ongoing and progressing according to plan. According to the experts, the current plan calls for acceleration of the implementation of the global system beginning with the year 2020. The architects of the formation of the seventh kingdom anticipate the not-foreseen glitches and obstacles. However, these will not alter the foundation, goals, and nature of the global system.

A fully functioning global system requires global peace. Global peace, as envisioned, can be achieved by improving the standard of living for all inhabitants of the planet earth. Accordingly, the initial concept envisioned an unrestricted global economy and commerce capable of generating sufficient wealth. The idea behind this concept is if the world’s peoples have sufficient material possessions, they will not fight because all have much to lose. The enjoyment of material means would lead the majority, if not all, to prefer a form of peace over war. To that end, the ongoing global effort concentrates on the global economy and commerce system and order. Other aspects of the operation will follow.

Description of the global system will continue in the next blog.

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