Jesus in Revelation (52)

The birth of the seventh kingdom, the global system.

The concept of global peace and prosperity through a closely intertwined trading and commerce system originated in sixteenth-century Europe. It is related to the reformation and awakening in Europe. The architects of the European single economy and commerce hoped that it would provide a basis for the global system, also known as the “One World.” The seventh kingdom architects promoted an economic system known as “mercantilism” as the most promising global economic order. However, numerous wars, regional conflicts, and imperial ambitions in Europe derailed implementing the unified economic system in Europe. The concept for a single European system suffered all but a fatal blow, especially by Napoleon’s wars and adventures. This disruption qualifies as the fatal wound on one of the seven heads of the dragon or the beast out of the sea, based on this author’s assessment. This fatal wound has been sealed. John saw a healed head, not a wounded one. Revelation 13:3.

The prospects for a single global economic and commerce system appeared dead. The European system’s architects and promoters were frustrated because of the persistent European political and military status and pursuits. Therefore, the seventh kingdom architects left Europe and came to the thirteen British colonies in North America. Their goal was to explore ways to reenergize the idea of the single global system. Accordingly, they convinced the local leaders in the thirteen British colonies to form a union and separate themselves from the British empire. The single global system architects were convinced that “God has chosen the United States of America to lead the world into peace and economic prosperity.” This undertaking qualifies as the emergence of the “beast out of the Earth” based on this author’s assessment.

With meager military means, the thirteen British colonies in North America succeeded in separating themselves from the powerful British empire. The conclusion that God had His hand in this endeavor has validity. The promoters of the newly-liberated thirteen British colonies’ union insisted that such a union must be something humankind has never attempted in its history. The Founding Fathers of the new and unique union proceeded with the refinement of the single global economic system they brought from Europe. They set the United States of America’s goal to pursue a viable single global economic and commerce system. Also, the Founding Fathers concluded that the United States of America must demonstrate that such a unique union can long endure. The early United States of America suffered a civil war to verify whether such a union can long endure. Thus, the foundation for the “beast out of the Earth” has been established; in this author’s assessment.

The nature of the “beast from the Earth,” read the next blog.

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