Jesus in Revelation (58)

The great city.

“The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.” Revelation 17:18. The “great city” will be the global center of the oversight authority. This author prefers to call it the coordinating entity concerned with behavior by the member countries to ensure conformity to the international law and rules relative to global trade and commerce. Some analysts prefer to call it the “One World Government.” Where it will be located is not common knowledge at this time. However, in the opinion of this author, it should be located in neutral territory. We should note that the WTO, an independent global coordinating authority, is located in Geneva, Switzerland, a neutral country. The “great city,” as we shall see in the ensuing blogs, will suffer an unprecedented disaster described in Revelation chapter 18. In the assessment by this author, the unequaled disaster will coincide with the pouring out of the seven last plagues described in Revelation chapter 16. The possibility of an unprecedented disaster is inherent in the global system. Most of the analysts this author interfaced with expect the difficult time after the system is fully implemented. At this point, there is no known solution to the unprecedented troubles this world will face in the early stage of the seventh kingdom.

Why global government? The seventh kingdom does not require a one-world government. However, the global economy and commerce system requires unimpeded trade among the world’s countries and nations. As envisioned by the architects of the global system, the achievement of unimpeded trade and commerce may necessitate the establishment of global coordinating authority. Such authority, however, must have a character and function never before witnessed by humankind. Such a global authority will ensure the fairness and uniformity of unimpeded interaction among the world’s countries. However, such an entity may lead to undesirable activity with unavoidable consequences, in the analyses by this author. This global authority, if realized, will not last very long if the economic cycle remains as envisioned. The seventh kingdom, the “One World” (Revelation 17), will have ten influential nations. The ten world’s influential nations will govern by a consensus.

The “one world government,” as envisioned by the beast out of the sea, will promote and enforce the inalienable rights of individuals. No nation owns these rights, and no nation is exempt from them. These rights of individuals are the foundation of the United States of America. They are, as listed earlier: limited government, the rule of law, equal justice, respect for women, freedom of speech, religious tolerance, and private property. However, the expected troubles never before experienced by humankind will lead to rescinding the above values and imposition of much stricter governance. The global democracy will, by necessity, exist only in memories. The ten kings described in Revelation chapter 17 will rule their respective regions in consensus among them.

The envisioned achievement by the global system, read the next blog.

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