Jesus in Revelation (59)

Achievements and the pitfalls inherent in the “One World.”

“But you Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge” Daniel 12:4. As envisioned by its architects, the free global trade and commerce system will result in open borders and unrestricted movement of people. Individuals will be free to leave the country of origin and go to any other country and be treated as citizens of that country. The already formulated international law will guarantee the rights of individuals. According to the architect of the system, the free movement of people is necessary to enable an increase in the standard of living. However, the potential exists that some people may not be willing to leave a familiar place and go to an unknown territory. Such individuals will not be able to enjoy any benefit of the global system.

The more critical and hoped-for achievement of the One World is the restoration of one humankind. Humankind before the Tower of Babel has been one. However, God determined that it is not beneficial for humankind to function as one. One humankind is not the same as the united humankind. The united humankind cannot possess the powers of one humankind. The one humankind, if achieved, would possess unimaginable power, enabled by the capability of a single intelligent decision. The laws that govern our universe allow for the extraordinary powers of one humankind. That is why the people will work on increasing the overall knowledge. The experts predict that very soon the human knowledge will double every hour. However, some experts envision that such an increase in human knowledge can present a serious threat to human existence. A dangerous level of human knowledge could be reached by the year 2050, as projected by the experts. However, the yielded believers should not be concerned because God assured us, through Prophet Daniel, that humankind will not be one. Daniel 2:43.

The ability to solve difficult problems is not the only reason for the attempt to create one humankind. The productive exploration of our universe has greater urgency. The experts whose task is to determine what must be done to ensure the long-range survival of humankind have concluded that the best option is to locate another suitable planet. To that end, the technologically advanced countries have agreed to send a multinational team and reach the Alfa Centore region by the year 2110. The round trip will take about 50 years. The trip must begin about the year 2085 to arrive there in 2110. The possible trip is now in a concept definition phase. In the assessment by this author, humankind is attempting to secure a glorious future for itself by its effort and ingenuity. There is no reliance on God the Creator. However, only God the Creator can ensure eternity for those who are with Him.

The possible origin of the “One World” idea, read the next blog.

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