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Did the Reformation contribute to the idea of global economic order?

There are experts, engaged in global system matters, who maintain that beliefs originally held by the Reformers have influenced the idea of a global economic and commerce system. They say that during the dominance of the religious power of western Christianity, the clergy insisted that all who obtain the forgiveness of sins will go to heaven. It did not matter how, or by what means, one obtained the forgiveness of sins; he/she would go to heaven. However, the reformed theology insisted that all do not go to heaven; only the elect do. This claim raised a question among the Christians: how can the people know they are elect? The answer was, if they have God’s blessings, they are the elect. The follow-up question is how one can know he or she has God’s blessings? The answer is that one knows one has God’s blessing if he or she has material possessions. This line of reasoning maintains that blessings and material possessions always accompanied God’s election in the Old Covenant times.

Those who adhered to the above line of reasoning wondered, “What can be done to ensure that as many people as possible have material possessions and, thus, are blessed, are elect, and will go to heaven?” Accordingly, the proponents of peace and prosperity proposed and promoted the economic system known as Mercantilism in Europe. However, various wars and imperial ambitions in Europe disrupted the implementation of the proposed economic system. The ardent promoters of the idea left Europe and came to the thirteen British colonies in North America. They convinced the people in these colonies to establish the United States of America (USA). The primary goal of the newly formed USA has been to refine the proposed economic system and make it suitable for the single global economy and commerce. The promoters believed that God had selected the USA to lead the world into peace and economic prosperity. Mercantilism became the pure demand and supply economy in the USA. In the 1980s, the economy of scales replaced the supply and demand economy. The economy of scales functions in the USA and is slated to be the single global economy. As this author sees, humankind wants to secure its long-range prosperity here on earth by its ingenuity and power.

The implementation of the principles of a single global economy and free trade is in progress. This effort will lead to the conglomeration of free and sovereign countries of the world. The commitment to both is deeply rooted and firm. What you read in this blog is neither a theory nor a baseless conclusion. The formation of the new global system, the seventh kingdom, is advancing steadily but inconspicuously. Its progress has not yet attracted attention if any, even though it is obvious and noticeable. The commitment to the new and unprecedented global order is based on perceived practicality, an inherent desire for survival and prosperity, and human ignorance; in the assessment by this author. Nevertheless, God is fulfilling his words written in the book of Revelation. God has His plan for humanity, and nothing can obstruct or frustrate it. The yielded believers can be certain of this and have nothing to fear. Michael, the great Prince, will protect His people. Daniel 12:1.

The troubles are coming; read the next blog.

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