Jesus in Revelation (61)

The unavoidable troubles.

“For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now – and never to be equaled again.” Mathew 24:21. The experts engaged in matters related to the single global economy expect the troubles described above. They expect that the magnitude of troubles will be of severity humankind has never before experienced. The global economy will, as planned, be the economy of scales with its appropriate local variants. The economy of scales is, by nature, cyclical. However, it does generate wealth. A long up-cycle with a short down one is desirable, but its realization is uncertain. If all goes as planned, there should be a period of global prosperity not experienced before. Global prosperity should ensure global peace and enable the majority of the global population to acquire material possessions. However, the world does not have sufficient experience with the up-and-down economy. The period of prosperity will give the people a false sense of security. Therefore, a serious but unavoidable downturn in the economy will be unexpected and will surprise the entire world. The uncertainty and dissatisfaction will be overwhelming.

The global coordinating authority coupled with a single global economy will, by design, derive its authority from the will of the governed. As long as the needs of the governed are sufficiently satisfied, the governed will be content. During prosperity, the governed will be concerned primarily about self rather than the common good. Accordingly, when the troubles set in, the self-loving governed may become uncommonly dissatisfied. The expected synchronized global downturn in the economy will result in global discontent. The frustration among the governed will be proportional to their experience with the economy of scale. The question in experts’ minds, witnessed by this author, is not whether the unequaled troubles will come, but when will it come. A period of unprecedented troubles will occur during the initial period of the rule by the seventh kingdom, the “One World.”

The initial period of the seventh kingdom, the beast whose wound was healed, will be turbulent and uncertain. None of the analysts and the architects engaged in forming the global order know when the troubles will come. They only know that it will come. Moreover, there is no vision concerning an appropriate and preferred solution. A serious threat of global anarchy is certain. However, the experts associated with forming the seventh kingdom are convinced that the G-10, the ten influential nations, will employ all their power to prevent global anarchy. At one of the meetings, this author asked what military capability will be necessary for the expected troubles. The leader of the discussion answered. No one knows. However, the experts are convinced that the global system will survive when such an unprecedented time comes, but democracy will not. The ten influential nations will act to preserve the global system. They will take away the rights of individuals to prevent a global uprising.

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