Jesus in Revelation (69)

The great city falls!

“The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with wine of the fury of his wrath.” Revelation 16:19. As noted in the earlier blog, the great city is the centrally located global authority that leads and coordinates the economic and commerce activities of the member countries. At present, the WTO, located in Geneva, Switzerland, functions as such an authority. Will it culminate in a single global government (as preferred by the analysts ) remains to be seen? However, the centralized global authority, regardless of its nature and composition, will suffer irrecoverable failure. Such a failure is inherent in the global system. As stipulated by the trilateral plan, the world’s three areas will coordinate their military activity to ensure that the world does not drift into global anarchy.

            The three unclean spirits John saw are the three regions where the power of the world will reside. Revelation 16:13 – 14. The Trilateral Concept, as currently envisioned, will consist of Europe, Asia under China’s leadership, the Americas under the USA’s leadership. The trilateral plan calls on these three areas to exercise a greater role in global affairs and, if necessary, employ force to ensure the sustainability of the One World system.

            After the fall of the central global authority, the world will divide into ten regions. The most influential country in a region will lead its respective region. The leading countries of the ten regions will function as the ten horns. The ten horns (the ten king) will manage the world affairs after the failure of the great city, the single global authority. They will rule the world by consensus until it is time to hand it over to the eighth king, who is Satan himself. Revelation 17:17. The beast here, in 17:17, is the beast who was, now is not, and will be. (Satan was the prince of this world, now he is not its prince, and he will be again when the ten kings install him) The eighth king is Satan after his release from the abyss at the end of the Millenium. Revelation 20:7, 8.

            John, in Revelation 18, describes the fall of Babylon. In Revelation chapter 19, he describes the celebration in heaven because of the fall of Babylon. Babylon stands for confusion about God and His plan for humankind. Events preceding the return of Jesus will demonstrate the level of confusion that the self-centered teachers and authority concerning the Scriptures have impressed on the people’s minds. Today, more so than ever, people do not recognize the true severity of our sin in the garden of Eden. Because of this confusion, the confessed believers do not appreciate the true greatness of what God accomplished on our behalf in Jesus Christ. The human’s teachings and theories have caused and are still causing considerable confusion that concerns the Cross of Christ.

            There is considerable confusion among Christians about what God has accomplished on our behalf. God did not come into the world in human flesh to only demonstrate salvation. In the body of Jesus Christ, God has saved the world from guilt and punishment for sin on the cross at Golgotha. God has destroyed the sin that separated us from Him and restored us to Him as His children. People in Babylon are proud of their efforts to earn the right to salvation and qualify for heaven. Because of their self-centered pride, they forgot that we are qualified for heaven in Jesus Christ and Him only.

The thousand years, read the next blog.

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