The Dark Friday

We have arrived at another annual reminder of, to humans, an incomprehensible event which took place almost two thousand years ago. The day Jesus hung on the cross at Golgotha was dark because the heavenly Father was absent and thus every star in the universe stopped shining for three hours. Because He so loved the rebellious humankind, the heavenly Father placed our sin on Jesus Christ who, because of it, was hung on a tree. By surrendering Jesus to eternal death, the “second” death, God destroyed our sin and restored us to Himself as His children with full inheritance rights forever.

The dark Friday, the day Jesus hung on the cross at Golgotha, was indeed a supernatural event. What God accomplished on our behalf in the body of Jesus Christ on the cross was outside the domain of all laws that govern in this universe. There is neither scientific, nor philosophical, nor theological explanation of what took place while Jesus hung on a tree at Golgotha. It will remain an eternal and inexhaustible subject. Because He selflessly loved the world, the Creator of all willingly became sin on our behalf so that our life of sin would be destroyed and the righteous life of Jesus Christ would become our life forever. This selfless and incomprehensible act of loving God is the very foundation of Christianity.

On dark Friday, the dreadful day of the Lord Jesus, who had no sin, was made sin on our behalf. Because of our sin He hung between heaven and the earth, forsaken by God and humans. The Savior of the world was truly alone. The universe He created could not endure the sight; the absence of Creator was truly unbearable. Accordingly, every star in the universe stopped shining for three hours. Never in the history of God’s kingdom has there been a day like the dark Friday while Jesus hung on a tree at Golgotha, and there shall never again be a day like it in entire future eternity. The salvation of the sinful world was accomplished by loving God at the highest level in heaven. Every believer should, not only during the annual reminder, but every day meditate on it and offer eternal gratitude to our God and Savior. No created being could ever fully comprehend such a loving and selfless act. May the memory of it never die out.

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Dan Lazich

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