The Message in Romans (15)

How could Jesus be all-in-one?

To understand how Jesus could be, at the same time on the cross at Golgotha, “the mercy seat,” “the sacrifice of atonement,” and “the scapegoat,” we must accept the Jesus’ definition of life. “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” John 6:63, NKJV. The first noun “Spirit” above, is capitalized, while the second is not even though they are the same in Greek. Not all Greek manuscripts capitalize the “spirit,” in this verse. Because Jesus spoke about His body, therefore, He, most likely, referred to the new spirit, the spirit of the new humankind, in which case the noun “spirit” is not capitalized.

The entire humankind has the same spirit. It is the non-material part of the humankind. The “spirit,” the life, is what God put into Man at creation. God made the human body and put the spirit into it. When the spirit began to command the body, the result is the living soul. The human “life” and “living” are not the same. The “spirit,” in the Bible, is the same as what the “intelligence” is in quantum physics. The spirit is our identity. It is not made of matter and, therefore,  should not be described as a quantity. It is constant, no variation ever. Our knowledge increases and gets lost, and our soul, our feelings, change but intelligence remains the same. This assertion is based on the implications of the results of the most advanced reality experiments, and study in the field of quantum physics.

The humankind sinned in the garden of Eden by making an intelligent decision; therefore, our spirit, our intelligence, became a sinner and he subjected both, the body and the soul to decay. Because our spirit sinned, it had to die forever as the wages for sin; God’s justice requires it. The spirit we received at the creation did die in the body of Jesus Christ.

How was this accomplished? Read the next blog.

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