The Message in Romans (22)

Did we sin IN Adam, or do we sin LIKE Adam?

The last blog concluded with the quote of the Romans 5:11 where Paul states that we rejoice in God through Jesus Christ because of  “through whom we have received reconciliation.” Paul stated this in the past tense indicating a completed action in the past. He maintains that the completed reconciliation applies to the entire humankind. We showed, in the earlier blog, that the entire humankind has the same spirit or the same intelligence. The entire humankind is a single and unique order of spirit, or a unique order of intelligence. God created the entire humankind (all its members) in the first human being, the first Adam, who is the representative of the first, or “old,” humankind. Therefore, the deliberate intelligent decision and choice by the first man, Adam, the representative of the old humankind, applied to all his future descendants.

The sin committed by the first Adam changed the nature of the entire humankind. The whole of humankind became sinful in its first representative, the first Adam. The intelligent decisions, the decisions made by spirit, are irrevocable. Also, the consequence of the wrong decision, by the first Adam, is that the ability to subsequently make a good intelligent decision became lost forever. The inability to make the right decision applies to the entire humankind. Likewise, the correct, intelligent decision made by Jesus, the Second Adam in the desert, made it impossible for the New humankind to make a wrong decision ever. 

God informed the first Adam, in the garden of Eden, that if he “eats from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he will surely die.” Genesis 2:16, 17, NIV. The “you will surely die” refers to the death of the human spirit, which God gave to the humankind at creation. The death of the spirit is the “second death,” or eternal death. The command in the garden of Eden was a one-time test for the humankind, in first Adam, to see if the newly created humankind will obey God or not. The biblical assertion that the entire humankind sinned IN the first man – Adam has traditionally caused much debate and confusion in the way the humans understand the nature of sin. We will continue this subject in the next blog.

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