The Message in Romans (37)

The life of a yielded believer.

We learned, in the previous blog, that what the law could not do, God accomplished on our behalf, in the body of Jesus Christ on the cross at Golgotha. A yielded believer, a believer who has died to his self so that Christ could live in him; has an eternal assurance that God has delivered him from the power of sin, through the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. However, a yielded believer is always aware that, while the power of sin and the sinful nature are broken, the presence of the sinful nature is still reality because of the old body. We, therefore, must hold on to the blessed hope of the gospel, the return of Jesus Christ, who will replace our old body. How do we, minimize the impact of the presence of the sinful nature? Paul provides sound advice in Romans 8: 5 – 17.

A yielded believer, a justified sinner, is a born-again person, by a radical change in attitude and change in the way he thinks. He has a new spirit, the new life in his mind and thus, he has a changed mind. The law of sin, in the sinful nature, has no power over a justified believer because, he lives according to Spirit, not according to the flesh. Paul assures us that while ‘our body is dead because of sin; our spirit is alive because of the righteousness’ the righteousness from God by the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. “The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6, NIV.

Those who live according to the sinful nature always feel a need for redemption; so, they work hard in obeying the law in the hope of redemption. However, the redemption under control by the sinful nature is impossible because the sinful nature is always opposed to God. Romans 8:7, 8, NIV. Those who are habitually controlled by the Holy Spirit, have a new life; the holy and perfect life of Jesus Christ. Thus, they present themselves as the redeemed ones, always. The yielded believers realize that God, in Jesus Christ, delivered them from the power of sinful nature, but not from its presence; so, they suppress the sinful nature by yielding themselves, unconditionally, to the power of the justification by the faithfulness of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit is not merely present in the mind of the yielded believers but is actively engaged in their daily lives. The Holy Spirit lives actively in the mind of a yielded believer; it is His home. The Holy Spirit, by His active presence, assures the victory over the sinful nature and produces the fruit of Spirit, in a yielded believer. Therefore, a yielded believer is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The yielded believers are forever the children of God, with full right of inheritance.

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