The Message in Romans (40)

Did God reject the Jewish people?

In Romans chapters, 1 – 8 Paul presents, logically and systematically, the objective truth of the gospel mainly, what God accomplished on behalf of the humankind, while in the human body here on the Earth. The integral part of Paul’s presentation of the gospel is his assertion that the Messiah, the God with us, was the fulfillment of what the “shadow,” Arron’s priesthood, the Temple with its law and rituals, pointed to. Paul asserts that the Temple, with the law of Moses, and Arron’s priesthood were only a shadow, superseded by the Messiah, Jesus Christ. A new priesthood, the new law, and the new age have become a reality in Jesus Christ. Hebrews 8:11, 12, NIV.

The Jews, who accepted Jesus as the promised Messiah, had difficulty reconciling their faith in Jesus Christ with the assertion that Arron’s priesthood, and the Temple with its law, were no longer a guiding principle. They could not accept, unconditionally, that these were superseded by the universal principle of selfless love, as demonstrated by The Messiah, Jesus Christ. Accordingly, the Jewish believers claimed that the Gentile believers must conform to the requirements by the law of Moses and the temple, as a demonstration of their faith in Jesus Christ.

In contrast, some of the Gentile believers promoted the theory that, because Jewish leaders rejected the Messiah, God rejected the Jews as a nation. So, Paul wants to make sure that both, the Jewish and the Gentile believers, have a correct understanding concerning the ongoing debate. Paul, in the next three chapters of the Romans, establishes that God did not reject the Jews as a people; He only rejected those who refused Him. The fact that the Jewish leaders and the experts in the law of Moses rejected the promised Messiah does not imply that all the Jews are lost without hope. Paul, in a Christ-like manner, expressed genuine concern for his blood-brothers, the Jews. He assures the Jewish brothers that God did not abandon His promise to Abraham, and He did not abandon the Jewish people.

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