The Seventh Kingdom

By the power of the Cross of Christ Satan stands a defeated foe. He is no longer the prince of this world. Accordingly, he “stands on the shore of the sea” as depicted in Revelation 13. Satan is waiting for humans to on their initiative devise a system that will install him as the prince of this world again.

The seventh kingdom listed in Revelation 17 is the system customarily referred to as the “One World.” The “One World” will not be another empire in the classical sense, and it will not be a religious order. The seventh kingdom, “One World” is a revolutionary system never before attempted by humankind. It begins with the establishment of a single global economy that will lead to the realization of “One World.” (This system should not be confused with the “new world order” idea.) The “One World” system is in progress of its formation. Policy and laws are in place, and the global negotiations are ongoing.

However, this is not the time for those who have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb of God to pay attention to various conspiracy theories. At this time we should lift up our heads for our salvation is near.

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Dan Lazich

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