Time Travel vs Gospel

As stated in the previous blog, the general theory of relativity, a very successful theory, does allow for a possibility of time travel. Does the time travel have implications related to the gospel and the Christian worldview? Both families of logical paradoxes described in the previous blog contain theological implications. The “bootstrap paradoxes” are more puzzling and more attractive to those who would like to enjoy the “best of both worlds.” This family of paradoxes, if it could exist, would allow for causal reversal of information history concerning human choices.

Fallen humankind is by nature inclined toward the desire to satisfy the “lust of eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life” without suffering the consequences of their choice. The self-centered human race prefers the ability to satisfy its every desire and yet to, not only be able to cancel the harmful consequences but also to erase the responsibility and guilt resulting from wrong decisions and bad choices. Why would this be impossible to achieve?

First, we need to understand that, based on implications of the advanced reality research, all human beings, regardless of individual status, are of one spirit, one intelligence. Humans differ one from another in knowledge and experience but not in intelligence. The human spirit, or intelligence, is not made of matter thus it is not subject to matter-based manipulations. The human intelligence, or spirit, could not be altered in any a way possible. It is from the Creator, and only He has dominion over it. The universe of space-time and matter, our universe, requires that human conduct within it be guided by spirit, the intelligence, and not by emotions. The intelligent decisions in our universe are irrevocable. Our spirit, our intelligence, makes decisions and choices; it then uses the mind, the brain which is made of matter, to process the associated information thus creating a visible reality of it. This interaction of non-material with matter makes the causal consequences unavoidable and irreversible.

When Adam, the first human, made the deliberate intelligent decision in the Garden of Eden to go contrary to God’s instructions he, then and there, forever lost the ability to make a right decision and excellent choice. The human spirit or intelligence that God put in Man at creation did, at the moment of Adam’s decision, became a sinner, without the possibility of reversal and correction. The laws governing in our universe forbid the possibility of reversal of deliberate intelligent decisions. It was, therefore, utterly impossible for Adam to travel back in time and undo the wrong decision. For this reason, God, because He loved the humankind, had to appropriate to Himself the human form in the body and person of Jesus Christ and give the fallen humankind a new history, the holy history of Jesus Christ.

Had the first Man, Adam, have the capability to enter the causal information history loop, the Savior would not be necessary. However, the only way out was that spirit, or intelligence, that sinned dies the eternal death. God accomplished this on the cross at Golgotha, in the body of Jesus Christ. God and He only could remedy the hopeless state of humankind. Now, if we were to crucify our own-self willingly, we would grow in the likeness of the Second, or Last Adam – Jesus Christ; and we would thus be able to resist the worldly influences when making intelligent decision and choices. The “new birth” constitutes the change in attitude and change in the way we think. Treatment of this assertion in somewhat greater detail is in my book Jesus Simplified available

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