To Fight or Not (13)

The five wise virgins.

“But while they have gone to buy it, the bridegroom arrived, and those who were ready went inside with him to the wedding banquet.” Mathew 25:10, NET. The five wise virgins were not wise because they had extra oil with them; they were wise because they followed the bridegroom to the wedding banquet. The five wise virgins understood that their only responsibility was to light the way for the Bridegroom. Because they were out there to light the way for the bridegroom, He rewarded them with the presence at His wedding banquet. The five wise virgins understood that only the Bridegroom could take them to His Father’s house for the wedding banquet, so they followed the Bridegroom. They understood that no amount of preparation and no amount of “oil” could qualify them for the wedding banquet. They trusted the Bridegroom that He has already qualified them for the wedding banquet. We must belong to the bridegroom if we want to go to the wedding banquet.

The five wise virgins were out on the street with their lamps because they knew the Bridegroom. The five foolish ones only knew about the Bridegroom because the bride talked about Him to whoever was listening. Regardless of how brightly or how long were the lamps burning, it could not entitle us to a place at the wedding banquet. Presence at the wedding banquet is by invitation only. The invitation to the wedding banquet contains specific requirements. Only those who have complied with the stated conditions have the right to the wedding banquet and to stand on the “sea of glass.”

The Bridegroom has given us explicit instruction concerning the qualification for the wedding banquet, and it says: ‘You must take-up your cross and follow me,’ follow me to the Golgotha, and there be crucified to your own self so that I, the Bridegroom, can live in you.’ The Bridegroom lives in us through the Holy Spirit, the oil, He has sent into us. The Holy Spirit who lives in us, as the fullness of Christ, could neither increase nor decrease in quantity. We either have Him, or we do not have Him, no other option. The Holy Spirit, the Bridegroom in us, testifies to our spirit that we are the children of God and that the wedding banquet is for the Bridegroom – the Lamb of God. The Holy Spirit could not qualify us for the wedding banquet; His job is to enable us to, with honor, light the way for the Bridegroom who is coming to take us to the wedding banquet.

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