Universe Made for Us

Why the universe of space-time and matter? Results of advanced research concerning the beginning of our universe indicate that we, as an order of intelligence, and our universe are inextricably tied together. Our brain is made of the same matter our universe is. Therefore, our intelligent processing of information must conform to the laws that govern in our universe. Our universe is created for us only, and we are made for this universe, not for any other. This is our home; no different intelligent life resides in it. The law of intelligence, as we understand it today, does not allow two or more distinct orders of intelligence to reside in the same universe – same home. The critical and essential parameters of our universe appear to have been fine-tuned to only support the humankind as intelligent life in it. These parameters could not vary at all and, they are not fine-tuned for an intelligent life different from us. (Remember, intelligence in physics is the same as the spirit in the Bible) This characteristic of our universe may also imply that the order of intelligence called “Man” could process information in this universe only, not in another kind of universe. Our universe is not the only kind of universe possible. A possibility exists that there may be an infinite number of universes. Of course, we could not verify this in our current state.

Advanced research concerning our universe shows that expansion of our it is governed by six (6) critical non-dimensional numbers. These six numbers are tuned precisely to the values vital to our existence. These governing numbers are not predicted by any a theory ever developed by humankind and do not relate to any a theory ever proposed by men. The origin and the fine-tuning of these six critical parameters remains a mystery. Why these six critical parameters are so fine-tuned to our existence could be determined neither by science, nor philosophy nor by theology.

Advanced studies concerning the beginning of our universe lead to an even more shocking indication mainly; the three (3) of the six critical parameters had to be selected, by an intelligence, before the creation of our universe. The remaining three (3) numbers had to come into existence immediately after the expansion of space began. Research also indicates that humans could not alter or manipulate these critical parameters in any a way possible. Our universe is still the way it came out of the hands of Creator. Its mysteries unmistakably point to the possibility of an intelligent beginning beyond our comprehension. Scientists are now more than ever faced with a question; “Is this fine-tuning an accident or a providence of a Creator.”

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