What Kind of God (2)

What kind of God did Jesus reveal to humankind?

To what extent did God go to express His love for fallen humankind? He selflessly surrendered, or sacrificed, His “ONE AND ONLY” Son to secure the eternal life for undeserving sinners. The expression “one and only” portrays the nature of God’s Son. The Son is “one-of-a-kind” and this, in John’s gospel, is reserved for Jesus only. Jesus was one-of-a-kind because he was the child of the promise in a unique way. Isaac (the shadow) was not the only child of Abraham, but he was unique because he was the child of the promise.

The first Adam, as the representative of the humankind, was the Son of God because God made him. God did not create Adam, in the same manner, He created other living things; He made the Adam. The first Adam, therefore, was unique in that sense. However, first Adam, by his decision in the Garden of Eden, lost his uniqueness as the representative of humankind. Because of Adam’s choice the entire first, or old, humankind was condemned to eternal death, no way out. At the very last moment in the history of fallen humankind, God sent the child of the promise as the Last Adam, the representative of the new humankind He created in Jesus Christ. As such, Jesus is the Son of humanity and the Son of God. Jesus, therefore, is the last option for the rebellious humankind to regain eternal life with God. Had Jesus given up, or had he failed in His mission, the humankind would have forever ceased to exist.

In Jesus Christ, all believers became the children of God but not one-of-a-kind. The “One of a Kind” is reserved for Jesus and Him only. Indeed, how critical was the timeliness of the Cross of Christ is beyond belief.

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