What Kind of God? (5)

God, in Jesus Christ, demonstrated how far He was willing to go to restore to Him the rebellious humankind. In Isaiah 53:10 we read: “Though the Lord desired to crush him and make him ill, once the restoration is made, he will see descendants and enjoy a long life, and the Lord’s purpose will be accomplished through him.” NET.

This verse and most of chapter 53 of Isaiah present a significant dilemma for the translators of the Bible. The message given in Isaiah 53:10 sounds so unbelievable that many translators consider it here as improbable and problematic. However, the above verse reveals the manner in which our heavenly Father demonstrated the intensity of His love for His enemies, the sinners. Not only did our heavenly Father willingly surrender His Son but He also planned, from before the creation of the world, to submit His uniquely one-of-a-kind Son of the promise to eternal separation from Father, the only source of life. Nothing less than this could have removed from us our sin that separated us from our God and Father. By putting on Jesus our sin, on the cross at Golgotha, God destroyed our sin forever and thus restored us to Him as His children with full inheritance right in His kingdom.

God purpose accomplished, fully, His plan for us on the cross at Golgotha, in the unique one-of-a-kind Son of God – Jesus Christ. Isaiah chapter 53 should be read with prayer, carefully, and often. To God be the glory.

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Dan Lazich

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