What Kind of God? (6)

God chose to through Abraham’s descendants fulfill the promise He made to rebellious humankind in the garden of Eden. However, Abraham wanted to have an assurance that the Lord will fulfill what He promised. “The Lord said to him, “Take for me a heifer, a goat, and a ram, each three years old, along with a dove and a young pigeon.” So Abraham took all these for him and then cut them in two and placed each half opposite the other. … When the sun had gone down and it was dark, a smoking firepot with a flaming torch passed between the animal parts.” (Genesis 15:9, 10, 17, NET)

Animals cut in two and their parts placed on the ground opposite each other was the way for two parties to confirm their obligation concerning a promise. They would walk between the animal parts and say, may it thus be to me if I do not fulfill what I promise. Here we have the Only God walking among the animal parts because it concerned the promise He made to Abraham and the fallen humankind. Abraham and the fallen humankind were utterly helpless and could not play a part in what God promised. God’s promise was a unilateral and an unconditional promise to rebellious humankind.

Here God demonstrated the extent to which He was willing to go to assure the rebellious humankind that He will fulfill His promise of full and perfect salvation, in the fullness of time, in Jesus Christ. By walking among the animal parts, God stated to Abraham and the helpless humankind; “May it be so to Me if I do not fulfill My Covenant and My promise.  The dense, or dreadful, darkness which fell on Abraham was the shadow pointing to the darkness on the dreadful day of the Lord. On that day, the day Jesus’ was crucified, God destroyed our sin and our sinful life, by abandoning His One-of-a-kind Son on the cross at Golgotha. Through this selfless act, God restored us to Him as His children. God demonstrated the extent, the manner, and the intensity of His love for the rebellious and helpless humankind, by putting into the body of His Son the sin of the utterly helpless humanity. Jesus demonstrated this kind of God on the cross at Golgotha. Alleluia.

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