What Kind of God? (8)

Jesus revealed to us a God who loves us with such intensity that He went beyond what is conceivable, to reconcile us to Him and save us from eternal death. However, the God of immeasurable selfless love is infinitely more in His absolute nature. “To whom can you compare me? Whom do I resemble? Says the Holy One.”

Our God is the Almighty. He is infinite power. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible for our God. Our God is an all-knowing God. He is knowledge; He does not have to learn anything. All possible knowledge originates from God. All possible thoughts ever thought in the past eternity, and all possible thoughts being thought now, and all possible thoughts during the future eternity, by all created intelligent beings, went through the mind of God before He began His creative activity.

Our God is the Eternal God; there is neither past nor future for Him. For us, the humankind, God is in the absolute present; without  past and future history. If we could put together the vocabulary of all created intelligent beings, we could not find an adequate set of words to describe our God who loves us. It is comforting to know that our incomprehensibly great God is always near us when we pray to Him. May He be praised forever!

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Dan Lazich

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