Which God?

Often the Christian thinkers write and talk about the God – the – Creator and the God – the – Savior in the same sentence and paragraph. They often view the two interchangeably. This practice is enough to cause one to shudder. Christians should always be clear about which God are they talking. The God – the – Creator is the Absolute Intelligence (Spirit), and is beyond full understanding by the created intelligence. God – the – Creator established the laws and principles that govern the time before He created the time. He, therefore, is not in time but apart from it. We, the created order of intelligence, should abstain from temporal definitions of the Creator’s nature, and His being.

The God the Savor is one with us. Our life is in the Savor. Apart from Him, we are dead. The Absolute God accomplished our salvation in time, in the body of the Savor, the representative of the new humankind. “…God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.” (2 Corinthians 5:19)  Because of this act, we are free to approach the Absolute God in the name of Jesus, and in prayer. However, such activity by human beings does not produce an effect upon the Creator’s nature and being.

The actions of the Absolute God relative to the fallen and redeemed humanity is always downward causation that is neither reversible nor reciprocal. We, the created order of intelligence, have neither biblical nor scientific grounds on which to base the temporal definitions of the Absolute. The God – the – Creator revealed Himself in Jesus Christ to the degree essential for the salvation of sinners.  The human beings must wait for the eternity to learn more about Him. For now, we must accept Him by faith while being very cautious what we say about the Absolute God. We should abstain from ascribing to the God – the – Creator the principles of life unique to us. The God the Creator is infinitely more than the animate principles of the world. He is, in fact, infinitely more than the world.

All temporal things flow down from God to humankind. However, this downward causation by God does not result in upward causation upon His nature and being. Rather than debating the nature of the Absolute, why not proclaim the Good News, that is, the God’s complete and perfect salvation of sinners?

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