Why the Incarnation (1)

Why was it necessary for the Messiah to come to Earth and suffer the cross on behalf of humankind? Was there an alternative to the Cross of Christ? Did Jesus Christ accomplish everything needed for the salvation of fallen humankind? The mission of Jesus Christ here on Earth was to defeat the God’s enemy and save the rebellious humankind. To answer the above questions, we must look into the state of humankind at creation and contrast it with the state that resulted from the decision the representative of humankind made in the garden of Eden. When the difference between the state of humankind before the fall and its state after the fall is understood then, who Jesus is; why the Christ; and what did God accomplish on our behalf, in Jesus Christ, will be clear.

God, the Bible tells us, made the humankind in His image. Adam, the first human being, was created in the image of God. Adam, the first human being, was the representative of humankind and therefore, the entire humankind is in the image of God. God made the human body; He did not call it into existence. God put spirit, or life in the human body. Because the human spirit was sinless at creation, the Holy Spirit resided in the first human being.

In what way was the humankind in the image of God? First, the love of the first human being, like the love of God, radiated outward only. Adam and the Woman did not see self; their love was selfless which, in the Bible, is called “Agape.” (The Woman became Eve after the fall). Second: because our spirit, or our intelligence, is from God, we process information in the God-ordained system of logic. “God is Spirit,” Jesus told us, any attempts to describe God in light of anthropocentric characteristic and values is highly inappropriate.

What went wrong with “good” humankind? Answer in the next Blog.

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