Why the Incarnation (2)

What went wrong with the humankind God created?

Because an evil force opposed to God existed, the first human beings had to choose whom they would follow. Will the representative of humankind, the first Adam, choose to follow God’s instructions or follow the ways of God’s enemy? The eternal life of the humankind was at stake. God informed the representative of the humankind, the first Adam, about the evil force and its aims. The first human pair knew what the evil force is after. Lucifer, who became Satan, lost his home in heaven, so he was on a mission to gain a home for him and his followers. Lucifer had neither right nor power to possess a residence by force. It had to be given to him voluntarily by the administrators of the property.

In his effort to gain home for him and his followers, Lucifer deceived the Woman, and she became a sinner. Adan, the representative of humankind, was not deceived. He made a conscious, willful, and deliberate decision to follow the Woman in disobedience to God’s command “do not eat.” By his deliberate decision and choice, Adam made the entire humankind a sinner by nature. Adam also, by his decision, submitted the Earth and all life on it to decay. Humankind as the whole made a wrong decision in Adam because he was the legal representative of every future human being.

The entire humankind lost the image of God by its decision in the Garden of Eden. Love which at creation radiated outward only turned toward self and human beings became lovers of self. Holy Spirit that resided in the first human beings left and was replaced by “I,” the human ego. By its disobedience in the Garden of Eden, the humankind erected a barrier between it and God. The decision in the Garden of Eden made it impossible for the humankind to reverse its decision and overcome the wall between it and God, the only source of life. The humankind, because of disobedience, was condemned to eternal death by the Moral Law, of which the ten commandments are a practical and subjective example. But God, in his forbearance delayed the punishment for sin until, in the fullness of time, His Grace would become a reality. That reality is Jesus Christ.

Intelligent decisions are irreversible because they are deliberate and willful. The possibility of good choice becomes unavailable entirely.  The very moment when the first human being decided to go contrary to God’s instruction, he and the entire humankind lost the capability both, to choose and to do good. Whole humankind became incapable of changing its ways no matter how much it wanted to do so. The spirit, or intelligence, of the humankind, became a sinner and it had to die forever, no way out. Only the Creator could replace the sinful nature of the humankind with the righteous one. God promised, through the prophet Ezekiel, that He will give the humankind a NEW spirit and thus enable it to do good.

How did God fulfill His promise? Answer in the next two Blogs.

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