You Will Surely Die (6)

Knowing good and evil.

 “…And they knew they were naked…”  The immediate consequence of Adam’s decision to disobey God was that he lost the image of God in which he was created. Adam no longer viewed God in the same light as before sin; he saw himself only. By this act of the first man, the entire humankind became “lover of self.” The experiential knowledge of evil corrupted Adam’s attitude and the way he thinks. The immediate inclination of Adam was not to take responsibility for his actions, but blame God because God created the woman for him. The experiential knowledge of evil corrupts our mind, so we see self in a better light than we see others. Sinners, to make themselves good, must make others look bad.

We could similarly view the righteousness. Knowledge about good does not change our way of thinking and our attitude, therefore, not profitable. Knowing good, however, restores our mind in the likeness of God. Knowledge of righteousness could be acquired by trusting Jesus only and not by trusting our old self. By faith in Jesus we surrender our old self and replace it with the indwelling Jesus who lives in us by the Holy Spirit He sends into us. The experiential knowledge OF evil produces evil deeds, and the experiential knowledge OF good produces good deeds.

How could we replace the knowledge OF evil with the knowledge OF good; with knowledge OF righteousness? The answer is in Blogs that follow.

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